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How to make a remarketing list for all registered users

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Hello all


I want to build a remarketing list for all registered users on my sites, so I can retarget them and convert them from lead to customers.


When a visitor makes the registration, he is redirected to a page (i.e, ThankYouForRegistration.htm) and tracked by an event by Google Analytics.


Now if I create a remarketing list that enlists the visitor when he reaches ThankYouForRegistration.htm, then it'll enclude registared users.


The catch is, once the membership duration ends, the registered user will be out of the list.


One solution is to make the membership window wider, now this is still a problem, even if I have a 540 membership window, after it ends, the registered users will get out of it, and I don't want to waste 18 months of efforts in vain.


Now what is the best way to make this list in your opinion?

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Re: How to make a remarketing list for all registered users

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Hi Muhammad, do your registered visitors have access to any page only they can see?


If you have one or more pages behind a login, accessible only by registered users, you could make this page an event for GA, and/or place an AdWords tag there.


I would say though, that it may not be a good idea to keep visitors for a very long time in a Remarketing list.  People change and you may find your list is targeting people who have no interest in your products any more, wasting impressions and decreasing CTR.


One solution might be to make the registration expire annually.  That way if someone does continue to use your site, upon their annual re-registration they can be added back to the list; if they don't re-register they'll drop off the list (assuming it has a period of less than 365 days) and they probably should do.



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