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How to know word pricing?

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A few years ago google used to give you an idea of what would it cost to advertise a  word, and it would give you reference of your "competitor".... 


I decided to pulled away from bidding after I found out that my "competitors" where other search engines selling ads on their pages and they would automatically inflate the pricing on the click and will regain the money from a click on their other ads from their landing page..


How do I know again the price levels for words and who would be my competitors?  I am trying to check if the other search engines are still bidding on google adwords to see if I can advertise or not... 


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Re: How to know word pricing?

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Hi there;

I did not quite understand the  what  you mean by:"... would automatically inflate the pricing on the click and will regain the money from a click on their other ads from their landing page.."


Anyway, you could use  the keyword planner to get the historical average price of a given keyword across all SERP positions.

>>"Your suggested bid is calculated by taking into account the costs-per-click (CPCs) that advertisers are paying for this keyword for the location and Search Network settings you've selected. The amount is only a forecast, and your actual cost-per-click may vary"


This could give you a statistical estimate for the avg. price paid by other advertisers. You could make adjustments to your bid, based on your ad avg. position and QS.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: How to know word pricing?

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Hi Edgar,

In addition to the good reply by MosheTLV, I just want to add some thoughts.

1. I could be wrong but in my experience, usually "other search engines" are not so good "competitors". In most cases, other search engines would be your competitors only if no other actual business is bidding on those keywords, which I think is becoming more and more rare now. If a keyword is valuable, then most likely other competing business would be bidding on that keyword too.

2. In most cases, with a good ad copy you could beat "other search engines", even if you pay lower than them, because "other search engines" use generic ad copies which are mostly devoid of specific product or service benefits, or offers. Most importantly, "other search engines" cannot inflate CPC endlessly because they can only earn a limited amount from showing ads on their own search results. In most cases an actual business can earn far better than just someone showing ads, so usually an actual business can bid much higher than "other search engines" and still be profitable. In addition, the actual business would most likely have more relevant ads, and hence better CTR, so usually the actual business might not need to pay a high CPC either.

3. For price level estimates, MosheTLV has already provided the perfect resource page.

4. As to finding who your competitors are, one possible way could be to type in your keywords in Google search and see which all ads comes up. If you are not in the geographic region you are targeting, then you could use the "Ad-Preview Tool" to select a custom region and see the ads running in your target location, to get some idea about your competitors. ( Some competitors might schedule their ads, so most likely you cannot find out all your competitors by this method.)

5. A much better idea on actual competition can be had by running a small trial campaign on Google Adwords and then seeing the "Auction Insight Report".

However in general, I would suggest that one should not stop using Adwords even if other search engines are bidding on your keywords.

I hope this helps.