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How to improve landing page experience?

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What is you checklist for improving landing page experience?


I put main keyword in title, H1 tag, 3-4 times in text. Article is relevant also but I constantly get 3 or 4 quality score.

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Re: How to improve landing page experience?

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@Ivan M;

Forget about keywords. This  is "pas"t. The ad-bot is sophisticated and "smart" to understand the content and the theme of your landing page by reading the text. Design the landing page to users (to convert) not to machines.... Smiley Surprised

Make it appealing, easy to navigate and aimed towards a conversion;

Read here:

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Re: How to improve landing page experience?

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Hi Ivan,

Please find below the points for landing page improvements.

1.Use Strong Headlines
- Good landing pages use action-oriented language, beginning with the headline.

2.Bold Call to Action
- Your headline, the call to action (CTA) is the most important element of your landing page. Minor changes to your headline and CTA can impact your conversion rate significantly, and these two elements normally undergo the most amount of testing in landing page optimization.

3. Registration Form:
Only ask for information you actually need.


4.Get Rid of Unnecessary Elements

Your landing page should not mirror your website, so begin by eliminating all distracting elements. Strip your landing page of any unnecessary navigation, sidebars, footers. A single sidebar or footer can be used for any testimonials you include, but nothing else. Similarly, the only navigation options should be a Submit button, for capturing user details, and an opt-out link for users not interested in your offer. Both the Submit button and the opt-out link should redirect to a specific page on your company website. Only use essential off-page links; these could include Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy or social sharing text or buttons.

5.Use a Guiding Layout

The sole purpose of any landing page is always to convert your visitor into a lead or customer, and the layout should always guide your visitor towards this. Your copy can be hot, tight, even award worthy, but if the layout of your landing page is confusing your conversions will still suck. Short paragraphs, bullet points, subheadings increase readability by making it easier for your visitors to understand what to look at, and in what order. When designing web pages, your layout options aren’t as limited as in print, but you should always be mindful of how people read.


I will also recommend to going through the below URL for more details about landing page improvements.


I hope this will help you.