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How to improve CTR

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Impression for a particular adis good, but CTR is not as expected.

What can be done to improve this??

Re: How to improve CTR

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Hi Akanksha G,
As you mentioned in your query that you are getting good impression but CTR is not as expected. In that case you can try following things to improve CTR of a particular Ad

1>Extended Headlines

The absolute easiest way to increase click-through rates if your ads are shown above the organic results is to end your description line 1 with a punctuation mark. When you do so, the description line 1 is added to the headline and really makes the ads stand out.

2>Make ad text relevant to your keywords

3> Highlight offers and USPs
All too often we see ads that give people little reason to click on them. The space you have to write your PPC ad is small but there is plenty of room to detail what you’re offering and to highlight your USPs. For example your ad text should mention if there is an end of season sale running, or if you offer free delivery and/or returns. These are the kinds of things that entice people to click.

4>Enable Ad Extensions

Sitelinks, social, location, call extensions, and more, are easy-to-use additions that increase your real estate (space) on the search engine result pages (SERPs). They give you a greater opportunity to shout out your message with greater visibility and increase the likelihood of a click.

5>Mind your negative keyword lists

This is my most important tip. Optimisation is key to success in any online campaign. Monitoring your search query reports and blocking irrelevant queries e.g. with a low %CTR is a great way to increase click-through-rate and also the quality of traffic you get from your PPC campaign.

For those of you who don’t know where the search query reports are you’ll find them under the keywords tab > Details > All.

6>Include a strong call to action


Re: How to improve CTR

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In addition to Santosh's reply,


Review your targetting method:


Some time it happen that the websites, keywords, geography you are targetting is not relevant to your business. You should re-check whether your ads are displaying to your target persona or not? 


It will help !

Re: How to improve CTR

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Hi Akanksha,
To build on Santosh's great answer, you can also consider modifying your Bids to achieve a higher placement. On average, the higher your position the greater your CTR will be. Typically CTR is impacted by 3 things - 1. how relevant your ads are to the keywords that were searched for, 2. Ad Copy, and 3. your average position.
I'd also add that while CTR is important in giving you strong Quality Scores, it's probably not the sole metric you should focus on. Overall, you should look to have profitable AdWords Campaigns - make sure you have a strong ROI from AdWords.