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How to import a full account from a provider into our own account?

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We have been working with a PPC provider for several years, and happy to do so. However he is now moving onto a different business and will no longer be able to manage the account. We would like to take ownership of the account seamlessly, how is this done? We already have our own adwords account for our business. How do we import or connect all of the campaigns and manage them in our own account, and then close access from his side? Thanks.

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Re: How to import a full account from a provider into our own account?

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Hi @exo-ecom, it's possible, it just requires a little "juggling" of user Accounts in Google and AdWords.  Have you ever played that game where you have to slide tiles around inside a square to make a picture?  If so, it's a little like that.


Each Google Account can only be associated with one AdWords Account at any one time, so if you have a Google Account you want to use and this is already tied to an AdWords Account, you need to swap things around.  


1.  Create a new Google Account - you don't need to sign up to anything.

2.  Sign into your existing AdWords Account and send an invitation to the new email you've just created.

3.  Go through the process of accepting that invitation using the new account.

4.  Log back into AdWords using your existing account and change the access level of the new email to Admin.

5.  Log into AdWords using the new account and remove your old access.


At this point, your old (existing) Google Account is now "free" and can be attached to another AdWords Account.  You should then get your existing provider to send an invite to that old address and go through the process of making that email an Admin on the AdWords Account.  Once you're an admin and have confirmed access, you can remove the access of your old provider and you're done!



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