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How to handle seperate keywords with similar wording?

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I'm confused as to how Adwords will handle seperate keywords with some of the same wording or ommited wording. For example, the Google Keyword tool gives me "how to design a website" and "design a website." Wouldn't "how to design a website" bring the same results as broad-matched "design a website"? Do they conflict in any way?


Other examples:


web design

best web design




web designer

find a web designer


etc, etc



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Re: How to handle seperate keywords with similar wording?

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Hi duffman40,


Google will try to match the search query to the closest keyword in your list. Let's look at your examples.


"How to design a website" and "design a website" could indicate a different intent of the user. "How to design a website" probably indicates the user wants to design the web site herself while "design a website" could be a use looking for help designing the web site. Now, if you were a web site designer, you would not want the click form the user whose intent is to build their own web site, so you might want to include "how to design a website" as a negative keyword in either exact or phrase match or both.


I would caution you against using broad match, instead use broad match modified, you add plus signs in front of keywords that must be present. You can't use BMM as a negative match.


You may find that "find a web designer" performs better than "web designer". In that case, you would watn to bid higher on the better performing keyword.


Best of Luck!




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