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How to exclude active users from remarketing list?

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I run a B2B SAAS service and I would like to remarket to site visitors who signed up for an account (converted) but have not returned to use their account.  If I remarket to all visitors I am afraid my active users will regularly see remarketing ads from us since they will reset their list membership timestamp every time they come to our site to log in to their account.  Any thoughts on how I could remarket to all visitors (including those that convert) for some period of time (30-90days) but exclude active users?  Any advice appreciated.  


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Re: How to exclude active users from remarketing list?

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Hi, you can simply use Days Since the Last Session 

It would not be 100% accurate because you will still target some of your active users but at least much less compared to a scenario when you just target "All visitors". 


Can you create some micro conversion which would identify visitors who have returned to their account? For example, specific pages which they might visit for sure or specific buttons they click.




Cheers, Alexey
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How to exclude active users from remarketing list?

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Hmm.  I like the idea of keeping it simple but want to make sure ads are showing to converts who have not yet become active users as soon as possible so wouldn't want to set days since last session too high (no more than a few days) but on the other hand many "active" users only log in a couple of times a month so I am concerned they would end up on the list fairly regularly if I am understanding correctly?  


Wondering if I can create a list for anyone who converted 30 or more days ago for exclusion?  If so I am thinking I could have a list for all visitors except those on the converted 30 or more days ago list and that way show ads to everyone including active user but for only 30 days.


Also wondering if it is better to create audiences in Analytics or Adwords?  It looks like the screenshot you provided is from Analytics, is that what you prefer to use?  Are there more options for building audiences in Analytics vs Adwords?  Pro and cons for each?


Thank you so much for your help!