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How to do 'subtraction list' re-marketing?

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Hello all,

Im not too familiar with remarketing lists in Adwords ...

I was curious... We'd like to place Adwords remarketing tags on certain parts of our questionnaire..

Lets say basically I'd place 3 different remarketing tags on these pages: questionnairre.php?question=startQuestion,

questionnairre.php?question=lastQuestion&pass=true, and



So they will get a tag at the start, and at the end (depending if they passed or failed)

For people who didn't finish our questionnaire, we'd like to target ads to them to re-take the questionnaire...

Is it possible to do: "If part of the START list, minus the PASS list, and minus the FAIL list", then target ads to these people?


How about people who never even started our questionnaire, so everyone who visits google, minus the START list?


I haven't seen any tutorials really showing this... And our 1st level of Adwords Support on the phone didn't really know (never followed up to get more support on it). I saw something though hinting this is possible.





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Re: How to do 'subtraction list' re-marketing?

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Hi Ari, yes, that's all possible and it works pretty much as you've described in your question.


You wouldn't actually have to use three different remarketing tags to achieve what you want; if those are real URLs you could do it all with just your standard tag and rules to identify the page visits.

Essentially you'd build three lists, one with a rule of visiting the start, and one each for pass/fail.  You'd then build what's known as a Custom Combination where you'd combine any and all of your lists in logical arrangements to create the list you need.  So, for example, everyone who's been to your site without taking the questionnaire would be the main list and NOT the "start" list.


Read more about Custom Combinations here.



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Re: How to do 'subtraction list' re-marketing?

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Cool, thanks Cobnut!