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How to divide keywords into best ad groups?

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After several advices from the AdWords experts, seems like setting up ad groups by themes seems very popular. Therefore, I started analyzing my keyword list and run into an issue as to what’s the best approach.


Let’s say I have a keyword “spam filter”, which can be replaced also by “email filter”, “anti spam filter” and tens of other variations. On the top of this people may be more specific and search for, i.e. “spam filter software/solution/program/appliance” and so on. Therefore, I end up with hundreds of variations.

My question is, if I put “spam filter software”, “spam filter appliance”, “spam filter program”,..... in phase and exact in one group and BMM in another I will end up with a lot of keywords in one group. Then another group would be i.e. “email filter solution”, “email filter appliance”,..... and so on. However, if I will not put them (software, solutions, program, appliance) into one group and create separate group for “spam filter software” (exact & phase and separate BMM group) and separate for “email filter solution” I will end up with probably thousands of ad groups.

Any advice would be great!

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Re: How to divide keywords into best ad groups?

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Hi Nata

Welcome to adwords community.

Here are things you should understand before creating themes for your adgroups.

  • Reason why adgroups should be tightly themed: because your keywords should be relevant to your ads, which will help you in better QS as well as better CTR because of relevant adcopy. For example: If you have one adgroup for spam filter then your adcopies will have "Spam Filter" probably in the headline and chances of click by user who searches for spam filter or related keywords are far better.
  • If you have spam filter and email filter in same adgroup: As you dont have control over which adcopy will trigger your "Spam filter" adcopy might trigger for keyword "email filter" which means the QS will drop and chances of click will drop.
  • I understand its a bit of time consuming and painful job to create these adgroups but then if you want great results you will need to invest that time, there is no shortcut

I am sure other memebers will suggest you more / better ways of theming your adgroups

Hope this helps


Regards, Nik
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How to divide keywords into best ad groups?

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Do it in Excel