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How to determine banner size for Google Display Network?

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Hi guys,


I would like to ask if let say I want to place IMAGE ads on or, what size of banners should I create? Or I can simply create the banners which I think will work best for my business?


As currently I am running a display campaign, but my ads aren't showing on some of the websites, so I am wondering is it because of the limited choices banner sizes I am using right now (I have tried to increase the bid also). The banner sizes I am using now are:







If so, how could I determine what banner size to show for different placements?




Thank you.

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October 2015

Re: How to determine banner size for Google Display Network?

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Hi Yee,
You could simply look at the site in question and download the image or right click and inspect it to determine the size. However, it appears that you are correct and that it is likely your limited selection.

All the supported ad sizes can be found here:

You might also want to try out the ad gallery when creating ads. This will automatically create image/display ads that contain every available image size and they generally perform quite well. I'd HIGHLY recommend giving them a try.

Finally, just a quick note. Publishers are fully entitled to block ads from any advertiser that they choose. If your ads do not perform for them as a publisher, they can stop showing your ads to their readers. Not saying this has happened, but just be aware of that.

Hope that helps.