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How to define ad words for yoga that cures diseases

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Hi I have a yoga boutique studio.  The differentiation point is that we focuses on yoga to cure diseases such as physical illnesess (high blood pressure, spinal problems, digestive problems, diabetes, heart diseases etc) and mental illnesses (stress, anxiety, depression etc).  


How to place key words so that my budget can be used to attract the right people?  If I put diseases + yoga, I am concerned that people have the traditional view of googling for traditional medical services/products. Such people are not open to yoga as a solution, thus a waste of my advertising budget.  


Thanks in advance!

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Re: How to define ad words for yoga that cures diseases

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You have a common "baby and bathwater" issue... if you use your keywords (and negatives) to focus on your core market, you will likely block a good proportion of the traffic you want.

Perhaps the best advice is to do the obvious work on the keywords - i.e. block those keywords where someone is clearly looking for another treatment option - so "surgery" for example - and then concentrate on attracting only the right clicks by carefully writing your ad copy.

People often forget that the ad copy can be used in two ways - at it's most obvious it is used to attract people looking for your product or service - but it should also be used to deter those people not looking for precisely what you offer from clicking on your ad.

This approach will, of course, push your CTR down - and this is not ideal, but the alternative - i.e. having a great CTR made up of people who are not looking for what you offer, is worse.

Re: How to define ad words for yoga that cures diseases

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As stickleback has pointed out very nice points, i will suggest on the other side of the case.

I have been closely working in Yoga domain since last couple of years and observed that female are more participating in yoga as compare to male. I strongly recommend studying the demographic of your target audiences and can accordingly promote your services.

As you are operating a Studio, your target audience will be local or people staying few miles from your studio location. You can focus on local search campaign or even try call extension to get more business.

There are many ways to target audiences apart from just keywords, you should definitely try them.

Re: How to define ad words for yoga that cures diseases

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Hi Elaine,

Stickleback and Jignesh make very good points on the keywords and studying your local market.

To go a little more into keywords, you could create many tightly-knit ad groups for combinations of the word "yoga" and the specific disease. So you can have an ad group that has "yoga" + "anxiety" combinations, another with "yoga" + "depression" combinations, etc. However, for these you might want to avoid broad match, to make sure that both words (yoga + disease), show up in the search. You will also need to be vigilant about running your keyword reports to see if any irrelevant searches are showing up, and constantly update your negative keyword list to eliminate them in the future.

Further, you might want to try combinations of "disease name" + "alternative medicine" or "disease name" + "heal naturally". However, if you do these other topics, it would still be a good idea to mention Yoga in your ad text, preferably in the headline so that people know exactly what you're offering and you waste less on uninterested clicks (i.e. I believe this is what Stickleback meant when he said to use ad copy to deter uninterested people from clicking.)

If you run display network campaigns, then you may want to use keywords as one of the targeting methods so you can target blogs about yoga and natural healing. To capture people specifically looking for disease solutions, you might want to change the campaign settings to exclude ads from showing up within games, so that you can focus more on people actively searching for solutions to health problems.

(Please note in all examples I am using quotation marks around keywordsjust to distinguish the words from each other, I am not using it to convey phrase match.)

Hope this helps.