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How to decrement the count to 1 in the traffic estimate list?

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In my traffic estimates for list of keywords I see a count next to each keyword like so...


time series data model (2)

some keyword (1)


The (2) occurred as I added it when it was already there.  The problem is that I cannot seem to delete it and I was afraid it might weight that keyword more or something.  How can I decrement the value to 1?  I tried deleting it and re-adding it but it still ended up with (2) when it came back again.


I guess I could double all my keywords so they all have (2) so if it is weighted, they would be equally weighted again.  I am not even sure how that count would actually be used...does anyone know?


So, two questions in summary

1. How to decrement the count?

2. What does the count actually influence?




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Re: How to decrement the count to 1 in the traffic estimate list?

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Hello, Dean.

I'm not sure I understand it. Could you attach a screenshot? Are you sure it's not the Ad Group ideas tab, where the tool suggests a list of ad groups (this is the default for the tool, rather uninspired choice if you ask me), and the count is represented by the number of keywords the tool suggests you should add in each ad group?

Sorry for not being able to come up with something more useful.
Calin Sandici, AdWords Top Contributor | Find me on: Google+ | Twitter | LinkedIn | myBlog
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