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How to change the CPC?

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What is the best practice to change CPC? Is it better to create a new keyword with a different cpc and evaluate or just change the existing keyword? Doesnt the data of the existing keyword gets lost?

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September 2015

Re: How to change the CPC?

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Basically, you would change the CPC for the keyword. Data is not lost from a Bid Change. Only from Match Change.

If you had {Keyword 111] bidding $10.00 and wanted to test the exact same keyword with a different CPC bid, you would be competing against yourself and only showing the Keyword term that had the better QS / CTR/ Bid Price.

Testing CPC Options for keywords:

The only way to truly test the same exact keywords are different price levels, is to make changes to the campaign setting so that potentially Ad Group 1 is running from Time period A to B and the second test ad group is Running from time period Y to Z. Or Make GEO Target Setting in different Campaigns, so that Keyword 1 CPC for Geo location 1 and Keyword 1 CPC 2 for Location 2. Only way to have a truer test.

You could use a Bid adjustment via schedule for time periods ie Run full price from time A to B and Do a Neg % bid from time Y to Z,

If you change a BID, they keyword history data is NOT lost. It is lost when changing the match type,