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How to advertise in other country?

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Hi, I am located in Malaysia & would like my ads to appear in, how do I do that?




Re: How to advertise in other country?

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Hi Peiling,

We need to understand a few things first. Like, you want to show your ads to people using "" and located in malaysia, or people using "" located on Australia?

For people located on Australia.
Since you can't tell google directly to show ads like "I want to show my ads on", you have to assume that the majority of people using this domain are located on Australia. So you'll need two things:

First, you need to set "Australia" as a geographic location. Here's how:

Second, you need to user "English" as language campaign set up. Here's how:


If you want to show your ads to people in Malaysia using "", then you should target Malaysia as geographic location as you normally would, and select "English" as language. Notice that his will show your ads to people LOCATED in Malaysia using "", and also people who may use "" but have "Language" as default account language.


Oh, since language is used by other countries and google services as well, you may see people using "" for instance.
Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click