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How to add Adwords to my Google account

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Please help ... I've wasted more than 30 minutes already trying to get an Adwords account created.


I have an existing Google account.

I click to create a new Adwords account

The Welcome to Google Adwords page is displayed, with my email already in there. I enter my website URL and click Continue

A login page is displayed, again with my email already populated. I enter my VALID password (which I had just used to login to my account before trying all this)

But the stupid login page just is stuck there.

No matter what I try, I can't get past this ... and Google makes it IMPOSSIBLE to contact them via email -- all there is is a local 0800 number but it's now Saturday so they're not there)

I can't remember any other time in my life that I had with something so simple as creating an account...

Re: How to add Adwords to my Google account

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Hi Schalk,

I'm sorry to hear this. Is your email by chance already linked to a different AdWords account?

You might want to try to clear your cookies and try again or try a different browser, although it seems odd that you were just able to login to the same Google account.