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How to Use PPC to Recruit Talents with Mobile Traffic?

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Hi People,


I've been managing the PPC account for recruiting business for a while and like to share some of the practices and challenges as well for this industry since all the Adwords case study you may find online is regarding consumer/e-commerce business obviously.


Companies that use employment recruiting websites are familiar with the phrase "post and pray," which refers to placing a job on an employment recruiting website and hoping that a qualified candidate responds. These $300-$500 job postings that last 30 days do not guarantee that you will get a qualified person to reply, let alone see your posting. What if there was a better way to target people who are looking for your job opening, but you only pay when someone chooses to learn more about your job listing? That way is through Pay Per Click advertising.


Pay Per Click Advertising offers a number of benefits when compared to employment recruitment websites.


[ Data ]


With job website postings, the only data you receive is from resumes of those that applied. With a PPC ad campaign, you can see how successful your job ad placement is doing and what changes you need to make.  You can get information like:  


  • How many times your ad is displayed - Impressions
  • How many times people click on the ad - Clicks
  • Were people leaving the web page immediately after arriving - Bounce Rate
  • What were people doing to find out more info - sending resume, form submissions, e-mail clicks, phone calls
  • What search terms were driving people to click on your ad - Search Results

With Pay Per Click, you have a much better idea of how your money is working in the campaign. This data can be used to make changes on targeted keywords, job listing text and ad text copy.


[ Location Targeting ]


With PPC ads, you can determine the exact geographic area you want your job posting to reach.   


Whether you want to target the whole United States or just within 20 miles of your location, you can make sure your ads are geographically targeting the correct people.


[ Budget ]


Companies can decide how much they want to spend on the job search campaign. For example, if you decide you want to spread the budget over 60 days instead of 30; that is your decision. You can create a daily budget depending how small or large your needs are. 

What if you fill your job within the first 15 days? With job postings, there is no refund for the extra days your posting is running. With PPC, as soon as you get the results you want, just go ahead and pause the campaign. That is until the next time it is needed.


[ Options ]


There are numerous options to get job listings out to possible candidates through PPC. Companies can look at using pay per click advertising through Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Choose which platform is going to target the right candidate for the job. For example, if you are looking to hire some young workers for seasonal employment, it might make more sense to use Facebook or Twitter than it would be to use LinkedIn based on the demographics that use it.


With the capability to receive more data, target particular locations and get the most efficient use of your budget; using pay per click advertising is a logical alternative to job posting websites. Also, don't just limit yourself to AdWords.


[ Challenges ]


The biggest challenge we're facing right now is the dramatically increasing mobile traffic, which means no one can't afford losing those potential candidates as well. Generally you will need to build responsible pages for mobile, set mobile only Ad texts and so on. But it's been found that users from mobile side don't usually have resumes on their devices. So the conversions & cost/conversion will be quite lower than desktop. Several solutions are available such as Applying with 3rd-party service like LinkedIn, Indeed, Or users can attach resume from cloud drive like Dropbox, Google Grive, or you can just simply cut off the resume blank but I'll say none of them is the best way.


The cross-device re-marketing is not applicable yet basically (thanks to the cookie stored separately). Do you have any other suggestion on this? Is it a good idea to send the application page from user's mobile to their personal inbox so they can check up later and apply from mobile? I would very like to discuss this with all of you that got hands on PPC for recruiting business.





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Re: How to Use PPC to Recruit Talents with Mobile Traffic?

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Some great tips there Jason!
Thanks for sharing!