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How to Deal With Close Variants in This Case?

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Hey everyone, 

I'm running an ad campaign targeting people looking to hire developers. Currently, I'm using modified broad match, for example using the words +ios +developer. 

However, I just saw "develop apps for ios on windows", which ruins it. I don't want develop in the search terms, since it indicates a different intent. 

Is the best way to add "develop" to negative keywords, or can you do something like this to ensure there are no close variants:

+ios +[developer]



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How to Deal With Close Variants in This Case?

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Hi there,


You can't stop close variants except for adding them as negatives.

Also, you can't mix match types. You can have these:


[ios developer]

"ios developer"

+ios +developer

ios developer


Well, actually, you can mix BMM and broad:

ios +developer


But not the others.