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How much is it to put my jewelry on Google for advertising on AdWords?

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I have an eBay store and would like to advertise a little but I'm still very confused on Google AdWords. If I pay for the PPC Advertising, don't I only pay for the clicks? If it's in jewelry and I pay for ppc 5 cents per click and I have a budget of let's say $5, will my ad show on the side when the key term jewelry is searched? Then people can get redirected to my eBay listing or store. 

Once the budget reaches $5 which is 100 clicks if the case is 5 cents per click, then my ad is no longer on until the next day?

I'm confused and would appreciate the help. I addressed my problem so please read it all. God bless. 

Re: How much is it to put my jewelry on Google for advertising on AdWo

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Your Answers
1) Yes you only pay for clicks when using the Search Network.
2) Budgets are Daily so yes, if you run out of budget your ads with stop for that day.
3) In your ads, you will select the URL in which a user will directed towards if they click on your add ( this is called a Landing Page or Destination URL in Adwords Ads)

4)Also in your example a 5 cents bid will not be enough for your ads to display, but I assume you just used that for simplicity of the example. So therefor YES if you had a $5 budget at 5 cents a click you could potentially reach 100 customer that day. Your budget does not "roll over" and starts at the same amount each day unless you change it.

Your ad will show up for the targeting methods you use ( ie Keywords for Search-other targeting methods for display network) based upon your Bid Prices, Ads, keyword choices, and other factors.

In your example of Jewelry and using the search network, you would ad keyword terms and matching options to determine which keywords you would want to trigger your Ads to be show, You create your Ads, and supply the destination URL for the user to land upon a click. You only pay if a person clicks on your ad.

Bid Pricing along with a concept called Ad Rank and Quality Scores will determine where your ad will appear for the given search. This concept is something you will want to understand and master.

Since you are new to the process you may want to start reading here for some more basic introduction and information

Hope that helps and hope I have answered each of your Questions