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How much do I pay for a keyword does not have a suggested bid

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I am searching for keywords. I am doing keyword research and have set my location to Iowa. I'm seeing certain suggested bids are zero dollars. Yet some of them have competition associated with them.


How much am I going to end up paying for those keywords whose suggested bids are $0.00?? 




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April 2017

How much do I pay for a keyword does not have a suggested bid

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If you don't use a bid for the keyword, it will be inherited from the ad group. What suggest is set something you are comfortable with. If you have other similar keywords that do show a suggested bid, you can do something in that ballpark. Then, once you have data, adjust it as needed.


Once you have the keywords in there, Google will generally give you an estimate for first page bids, top of page bids, and 1st position bids. Once those show up (I've seen it show fast, other times 24-48 hours), you can have a better idea as it's more tailored to your account.


You find those estimates at the keyword level. You will need to add the columns.


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