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How many keywords to target with my first campaign?

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Hey, guys!


As you can tell by the title I'm new to PPC advertising and this is my first campaign.


I have a question - I can't find the answer anywhere on the internet. (I tried hard)


Let me explain the situation.


I have built out a reasonable campaign for myself

22 ad groups

400 Keywords

I have tried to be specific to make sure that ad communicates directly with potential clients.


Before I start my campaign I wanted to know how I can make sure that keywords I'm using are good ones. So read a couple of articles on topic and suggestion is that I need to get 100 - 200 clicks per Keyword to determine if the keyword is good.


Now, this scared me a bit because average CPC in my industry is $3+.


So in my situation, it works out like this

400 keywords x $3 CPC x 100 Clicks = $120 000 

To test all my keywords.


The problem is that my budget is $300 - $500 a month


That means it would take me at least 20 Years to test my keywords.


I guess this is not a great option to go for, because of the time it takes.


The second option would be to target a handful of keywords. Let's say up to 20 Keywords and then I can reasonably quickly see which Keywords are performing well and which ones are not. And then I can remove the bad converting ones and test new ones while keeping good converting ones.


I would be extremely thankful is someone could advise me from personal experience on how many keywords I should target with my budget.


Kind Regards,



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Re: How many keywords to target with my first campaign?

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Hi Janis K,

Actually there's no such number and nothing is good or bad for a first campaign. Number of keywords to target, depends on various factors. That said, I'd recommend starting with sections of your website/product catalog that generate high margin & high volume sales and building a keyword set up around them. This should help you test a reasonable set of keywords and balance budgets as well.

I'd suggest reading these articles as they have pretty good guidance on managing keywords:

  • 5 Concepts to Understand before starting AdWords here
  • Basics of AdWords auction and bidding here
  • Interesting math about keywords here
  • Balancing budgets & keywords here
  • Detailed article about success with keywords here
  • Well explained article with examples on keyword match types here

    Additionally, I'd also suggest testing a Dynamic Search Campaign which essentially generates search terms that can then be analyzed later to build a keyword set up. More info on this here.


Good luck!

Sumanth Sridhar

How many keywords to target with my first campaign?

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Hey, Sumanth!


Thanks for pointing out the direction. I was looking in the direction to test few relevant keywords rather than loads.


Also, as I'm a beginner - it will be easier for me to manage fewer keywords.


Thanks again.





How many keywords to target with my first campaign?

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Glad I could be of help! I'd suggest launching Shopping (for eCommerce) & Dynamic Search campaigns first identify what works & what doesn't. Then you can arrive at keywords to target & negate.


Would you mind sharing the website URL?



Sumanth Sridhar

How many keywords to target with my first campaign?

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I'm planning to start with search ads!


The landing page is currently under development. It's going to be a dedicated landing page with 1 main call to action. Smiley Wink