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How many Adwords accounts are needed?

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We are a shopping site and trade in multiple countries, such as




4. etc



1. Is it best to have one Adwords account for all countries domains?

a. If so, how do we set up the campaigns? example for one perfume: Womens Perfume > Chanel > Allure

2. Is it best to have 1 Adwords account for each country?




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Re: How many Adwords accounts are needed?

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Hi reza_faraji


Welcome to the AdWords community forum :-)


You may wish to read the following AdWords policy before you set up multiple accounts as you could find yourself in violation-


Ad serving policies

Double serving policy


I hope this helps Smiley Happy


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Re: How many Adwords accounts are needed?

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Hi Reza and welcome to the forum.


In fact, operating more than one Adwords account is usually a serious violation of the Adwords policies - known as "Double Serving" -  so it's best avoided as it can lead to a permanent suspension.  There are some exemptions to the Policy but I don't think they'll apply in your case if you're simply using different TLDs (top-level domains) to park onto the same, or very similar, sites.


Besides, there's really no reason to operate more than one account - a single account is more than capable of advertising multiple domains targeting multiple countries.


The only possible reason to use multiple accounts (and I seem to recall this is one of the exemptions from Double Serving) would be if the different TLDs were operated financially by separate parts of the business.  For example if the "" and "" (if you have one) domains were funded by separate financial arrangements (bank accounts, credit cards, etc.) you'd probably want to use separate accounts.  


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