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How does excluding keywords work?

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I have added as a negative keyword words such as 'scotland', 'austria', 'clothing' etc but keep getting results such as 'luxury ski resort in scotland' and 'luxury ski wear'. I have used the broad match modifier for my keywords which are keywords such as 'luxury ski holiday france'.

I currently have over 700 negative keywords at campaign level that i have added to try and get rid of these results.

Any ideas?




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Top Contributor, rball, replied:


Hi Chris, a couple of ideas...

Firstly, is there any possibility that the search terms you're seeing are matching against a keyword that isn'tphrase, exact or modified broad?  i.e. are any of the keywords in your groups 'simple' broad matches?

Secondly, what time period are you looking at?  Could these unwanted results be from a time before the negatives were added?

Thirdly, in your modified broad matches, are all the terms defined with a + sign, or are some simple broad?  i.e. if your keyword is 'luxury ski holiday france' is the keyword entered as +luxury +ski +holiday +france?

I'm presuming we're talking only about the Search network here as the Display network behaves a little differently (and less reliably) for negatives...

Negatives at the campaign level should indeed "trickle down" to the Ad Group level - well, hopefully they'd be there in a flood!  Can I just double-triple check something ('cos I'll admit, I'm a bit baffled at the moment)?

When you enter your keywords, you are entering them like this:


not as 'scotland', 'scotland;', "-scotland" or anything else that isn't just the word alone (unless it's actually a phrase or exact negative).


Re: How does excluding keywords work?

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Just wanted to also mention that you can add negatives into a 'Shared Library' library and attache these lists to campaigns, that way if you have negatives that apply to an entire campaign, multiple campaigns, or the entire account you can attach this negative list to a campaign and update the shared list once instead of each individual campaign list.


See Shared Library > Campaign Negative Keywords


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Re: How does excluding keywords work?

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I would suggest making sure to change the date range when you are reviewing the search query report. The queries will still show up in a date range prior to the terms being added as a negative keyword. If you made the change yesterday, for example, only review the query report for today.

Re: How does excluding keywords work?

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I think instead of using Scotland, Austria as negative keywords and including France in your keyword, just use the "location targeting" in your campaign settings to specify the location of users you want your ads to be displayed to. So if you include France, your ads will be displayed to users that searched using the "luxury ski holiday France" keyword too.

so if you select only France your ads wont be shown to users whose search terms include Scotland or any other country.
I hope this is useful