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How does Target CPA effect Avg CPC

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Hi All,


I am a new advertiser. I have set up a target CPA for all my campaigns since we are a conversion driven website. However, when I am trying to optimize my campaigns, I see a lot of keywords which are not displayed because of low ad rank, and it asks to increase the bid.


My question is how does Target CPA effect Bid? So when such message comes how should i increase my bid, since I have Target CPA in place.


Please suggest some recommendations.





Re: How does Target CPA effect Avg CPC

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Hi Sheema,

With target CPA in place you are not able to adjust the CPC bid as this aspect of the model is controlled by google.

If it is a new campaign I would advise against setting up target CPA as a flexible bid strategy from the start. The reason for this is that target CPA uses your data and history to make judgements. In the case of a new account it has no information to make those judgements on and thus may not be able to get you your desired results, or it may achieve those results but you do not have the correct information yourself and could be getting much better results. There is just no way for you to know without having dealt with the vertical before in a more hands on way.

I would suggest running with manual CPC for awhile, and getting a feel for the account yourself. This also gives you much more control of where your money is spent and on what.

Good Luck