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How do I verify conversions?

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At the moment when I try to make a campaign I cannot select conversion as a method, because it's greyed out.  I did some reading and it appears you need to make some conversions before you can use them in your adwords campaign. So i've set up a conversion trough analytics and imported in adwords. I even pasted the tracking code on the conversion page.  


I tried to make a conversion myself by registering but it does not show up as conversion in adwords, however it does in Analytics.


I'm just trying to make conversions work to enable the method. Can someone please help me?

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Re: How do I verify conversions?

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Hello Daniel,


When you import goals from analytics in AdWords, it might take as long as 2 days for those goals to view as conversions or converted clicks in AdWords interface. Find more details here:


When you create a campaign, then after that you can simply go to Tools section and set up the Conversion Tracking code for your account. It's not necessary that you should first import some conversions and then only can utilize it in your AdWords account.


You can read this help center reference to set up your conversion tracking:


Then in order to see whether you implemented the code correctly or not, you can follow this reference:



Re: How do I verify conversions?

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In addition to Pankaj's great advice, a couple of things you should consider.


Enabling conversion bidding can be a good way to manage your campaign so that you maximize your ROI (return on investment).  The program works by analyzing what search pattern/behavior produced previous conversions and trying to duplicate those conditions. 


Trying to bypass the conversion threshold requirement by faking a lot of conversion will backfire--the program will not be able reproduce those conditions and you won't get conversions.


You need to activate your campaign and work on it until it's producing enough conversions to trigger the conversion bidding feature. 

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