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How do I set an Account Level Budget

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I would like to know, if is possible to set budget at Account level? 
Example: I have one client who has limit budget (let say 200 eu) and he would like to run campaign only for this amount of money. 

(I know I can set daily budget 200/30.4 and there is no option for lifetime budget)
How can I manage it in Adwords and using MCC?

Many thanks for any assistance,

Have a great day

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Re: How do I set an Account Level Budget

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Hi @Marija Hris,


If the AdWords account is on invoicing terms with Google (and not credit card or bank debits), you can set up an 'order' which has a lifetime value that can be altered at any time.


This is particularly useful, because as you know, Google can sometimes over-spend on daily budgets, but with this option that can't happen. Then, once you are ready to spend more, you just update your 'order' within the invoicing section to add more credit to it.


Beyond that, if you're looking to control things at MCC level then you need to use Scripts. Are you familiar with AdWords scripting? I myself am no coder, but I know the value they can add and there are some very clever people out there who can create scripts for you once you've clearly identified your requirements.


Best of luck,



Jack Porter-Smith
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Re: How do I set an Account Level Budget

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How are you doing Marija?


As Jack pointed out, there isn't an account level budget apart from accounts using Monthly Invoicing. However, you can use 'shared budget' to your advantage in this case. You can create a budget (for instance daily $200) in the account and use it for all campaigns. This would ensure the account level spend is maintained.


However, please be aware that spend would be based on campaign performance and you wouldn't be able to assign campaign level budget. This means, campaign with more clicks could consume more budget than a more profitable campaign. More info here


Feel free to write back!


Sumanth Sridhar

Re: How do I set an Account Level Budget

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Many thanks for your feedback, maybe I should look over API.