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How do I register 2 different business departments with AdWords?

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I own one multimedia company that designs graphics and makes music. The multimedia company and music department both have their different names and target audience but all the billing goes to the same multimedia company. I have website A for multimedia and website B for music and both have different URLs. I want each website to have have its own AdWords account number so I can target different audiences but manage both of them in the same Google Analytics account. Do I need to use a separate e-mail address to register for each new AdWords account or can I somehow create two adwords account numbers in the same account? Also in Google analytics where I manage both departments' accounts I don't see a way of adding more than just one AdWords account number. How should I register these two different departments with AdWords? 

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Re: How do I register 2 different business departments with AdWords?

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@Ivan Andres D


it doesn't sound like you need two accounts. Targeting is done on the campaign level, so you can create campaigns for website A and B in the same account.


If you must create two accounts, you do have to use a different email address. You'll then need to give the new email admin access to your existing Analytics account. Then you can link it to Analytics that is associated with your original account.