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How do I limit my ad to only show up locally?

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My business operates locally, how do i limit where my ad shows up.

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September 2015

Re: How do I limit my ad to only show up locally?

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Welcome To Our Growing Community,


Please try this procedure once you are logged in to your AdWords account,

1.Click on Campaigns Tab

2.Go to Settings

3.Scroll down and look for Location

4.Click on edit below Targeted Location (Make sure it is set to your country)

5.From there, you can search to select your country, city, region or zip code

6.Or for Advance Options you can target by radius within your location


Here is the link from Google Adwords Help Center : Target ads to a specific geographic location


Feel free to watch Google AdWords Location Targeting Tool.



More Power,

Re: How do I limit my ad to only show up locally?

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In the users articles section of the community, you'll find some more articles about geo-targeting;

An Introduction to AdWords Geo Targeting


How to Use and Understand Location Targeting

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Re: How do I limit my ad to only show up locally?

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Yep, Follow Loraine's advice.

+ I would also recommend to read this:
Click on the first "Plus sign" just after "TIP" to get a clear example.

Basically, it explains what can be achieved with advanced Location options (you can find this in the setting tabs of your campaign). 

hope this helps.

Re: How do I limit my ad to only show up locally?

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Hi Oilersfan74, further to all the advice you've already received, I'd just add a word or two of caution.


Location targeting can be very effective; it can also be quite ineffective, depending upon the area you need (or want) to target and the product or service you're advertising.  Generally speaking, the smaller the target area the less accurate the targeting becomes.  Targeting a whole country, England, for example, works very well.  Targeting a small town within England could return very disappointing results.


So, just bear this in mind when making and changing your settings and be prepared to have to alter these settings to get a good balance of clicks and locality.



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