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How do I handle a AdWord campaign for products with low search volume

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Hi everyone,


I've read a similar post:


Just wanted to go deeper



To drive traffic and sales to an ecommerce site for electronic components and boards for IoT projects and Hackerspace community. The 2 objectives are:

  1. Get people to buy stuff
  2. Get people to sign up - with an incentive of a one-time $10 voucher.



  1. The target market is in Singapore with only 5mil population
  2. The products are very niche
  3. Monthly search volume for most keywords 10-100/month

Hence the search volume is very low. The CTR is about 1-2%, but due to the low impressions, the I'm only getting like 10-20 clicks/day


What I am currently doing:

  1. Using broad match to the relevant keywords suggested by Keyword Tools.
  2. Use a lot of keywords in hope that by sheer statistics, the some of those keywords will capture the clicks
  3. Slowly increasing the Max Bid for the keywords to improve the ranking
  4. The ad is driving visitors to the category page with the list of products. There is a general description of what these products do and the individual product pages have more details.
  5. I'm using both the search and display networks, as I have got very little clicks so I'm still far from my daily budget.


What I plan to do:

  1. Create more a variations of the ads to test which work better. But think this will take time due to the low number of clicks
  2. Create more targetted ads, which may have even less clicks Smiley Sad .. to the individual products
  3. Expand the list of Ad Groups to target people searching for the hackerspace communities. The group of people who are likely to want our product
  4. Create another set of banner ads solely for the Display Network


Is there any other suggestions on things that I can do, or do differently, to increase the traffic?


Hope to gain some advise from you all.


Thanks in advance

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Re: How do I handle a AdWord campaign for products with low search volume

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Good morning.


From my perspective, it looks as though your planned next steps are the ones I would take to improve campaign performance.


Good luck!

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How do I handle a AdWord campaign for products with low search volume

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@Theresa_Zook .. Thanks for reading thru my lengthy post and your reassurance that I'm on the right track Smiley Happy