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How do I Insert {cpc} onto dynamic URL?

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I can do{keyword} -> 301 ->


It works great. However, I need to insert {cpc} for said keyword into the url? I tried {cpc} and various other ways I could think of, but AdWords help suction does not cover that.


Desired effect is{keyword}&cpc={cpc} -> 301 ->

Where {cpc} displays in integer values, i.e. $1.23 = {cpc} value of 123.


So if the click was $1.23 for clicking on ad using searching for keyword "Kentucky Fried Chicken Pox" the ads ladning page would be fried chicken pox&cpc=123


Note: This is NOT about API (however if you know an API trick to get desired effect above I am all ears)


When I view results on Analytics, I can then view conversion goals against cpc values for specific landing pages. (Since A/B testing). This function is not the same thing as CONVERSION TRACKING, which I already have in place.


Please advise.

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Re: How do I Insert {cpc} onto dynamic URL?

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Hi Maxroizer,


That data just isn't available on the individual click level. Also, use caution when redirecting if you are using Analytics and auto-tagging or you will lose the gclid data. That, in turn, can cause problems with tracking your paid traffic.Be sure to forward the gclid name/value pair along with the redirect.


Best of Luck!





petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: How do I Insert {cpc} onto dynamic URL?

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Thanks Pete,


About the redirect

Redirect is internal and on the same page and occurs about 100ms after the page loads. The purpose is to mask the '?extended' url peramiters from casual users and Analytics and 3rd party tracking is set up to capture all that data. (gclid, Backlinks, cpc, social media, etc). The redirect loads instantly (less than 50ms).


CPC Keywords on Analytics

It would be helpful to capture the cpc data for {keyword} within Analytics to compare ave cpc for conversions vs average cpc for non conversions for a given {keyword}(s). This will better help us bid against the best keyword position for the best ROI. Also, it would make the -negative keyword process tremendously easier. It can also be used to quickly identify


API/Macro/Filter ?

I am curious if there is an api/macro/filter peramiter(s) on Analytics and/or AdWords that will convert cpc to an integer value at the 'session' level.


Feature Request

Dear AdWords, is there a way you can implement the request above into Analytics where we can create a profile filter containing if cpc then extract cpc at the session level and input it into User Custom Varable OR Custom varable x{1;2;3;4;5} wheer value is the CPC integer value (i.e. $1.25 cpc click would translate to User Defined Variable or Custom Varable 1 = CPC and Custom Var 1 Value = 125 IF source/medium=google/cpc)




[Edit: I want to do cpc URL code the same way I do it with AdCenter]