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How can Improve quality Score and the use of Negative Keywords?

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Hi Experts


   How can Improve quality Score and the use of Negative Keywords & How can we find the N.Keywords? Is there any strategies to choosing Negative Keywords. How many negative keywords we can use in a campaign? What is the diffrence between adgroup and campaign? Hope I will get expert opinion on my doubts.






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Re: How can Improve quality Score and the use of Negative Keywords?

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Hello Manu;


This is a nice question ;

I would recommend to use the search query report.

This is an essential report that helps to identify search terms that matched a keyword (that triggered an ad).

If the search terms found are irrelevant you can add them as negative keywords;


Read more: (see the "note" in this help article);


Search terms report



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Re: How can Improve quality Score and the use of Negative Keywords?

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It seems like you are looking for optimisation support here.


Negative Keywords (linked to a past post)

  • First use common sense and logic - block generic keywords such as +job +recruitment +gallery
  • Correctly mentioned above - use the search terms report to see who actually clicked on you. The only thing we can't see here is people who type in a irrleavent term but did not click on your ad.
  • Be carefull when adding negatives from report, they are added as [exact]. Ideally you should write them down and add the key negative as broad (single word) or "phrase" (two words)


  • Check HERE for segment by 'search terms match type" - providing you have a reasonable number of clicks on each keyword this segmentation will show you the difference between the way people triggored your ad.
  • For example my broad matched keyword was clicked 100 times, I discover 72 of the clicks were for exact match. I am more then likley to switch over to exact (for QS reasons) but before I do I would like to investigate what the other broad/phrase triggers were so I run a search terms report for selected NOT all.
  • Play around with the other segmentations, you will discover some really interesting stuff. For example you might find mobile devices have been seing your ads much more then you expected, you would therefore dedicate a campaign to just mobi and ensure you understand the different ways people trigger your ads between device

Generic Negative List

  • Do a google search for negative keyword list. The more the merrier, no limit at all but look into "keyword lists" before you end up having a huge un-organised list. I manage too many campaigns to disregard the negative list option in shared library

Campaign vs. AdGroup

  • A group of keywords with a dedicated text ad is an ad-group. Used for the purpose of relevent ads to increase CTR.
  • A group of ad-groups can be organised into camps with a different theme/budget/schedule/geo-target allocated to each tent or folder

Quality Score

  • CTR and exact match keywords in my experience have been good contributers to QS - however this is a huge topic in the AdWords world. I shall let the more experienced users on this forum speak more of QS

Hope this helps.