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How can I sell our Mosquito Killing System via adwords on Google just in the Philippines?

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Thanks to anyone who can clue in the clueless. I wish to sell our Mosquito Killing System on Google via adwords only in the Philippines. Can someone there clue me in and help me get started?




Re: How can I sell our Mosquito Killing System via adwords on Google just in the Philippines?

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Hi Mike,


I'll give you a bit of advice from my point of view to get you started.


For your AdWords campaign you want to make sure you are using location targeting so you can target only the Philippenes. You'll find the location targeting under the campaign settings





Think about how user would be searching for your product and use the keyword tool to help you expand on these ideas so you can target your ads to as many relevant searches as possible. Use some basic ones like mosquito repellant, mosquito problems, get rid of mosquitos and this will throw up some good suggestions for you.




Then try and groups your selected keywords into relevant groups so you can write ads that are as targeted as possible for the keywords in them. Maybe put all "problem" keywords in one group so you could have "Got Mosquito Problems?" in your ad copy. This keep the ads as targeted as possible which should help your CTR.


With your actual website, I'd recommend a landing page that is designed for the Philippenes market so you can have some localised, relevant content for the users to read. This would help with your conversion rates. 


I noticed on the international buy now page it was a video, phone and email address. I think you really need to have a much stronger call to action on the page as it's not clear how I actually buy from you at present.(it's actually the same for USA buyers). If you just want them to contact you via email, add a form on the page so they can fill it in and contact you. If you do this then you could add conversion tracking to the thank you page and track the performance of your campaign as well.


This should get you started Mike. Let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to help.