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How can I reduce cpc of most popular keyword, please help....

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We are a computer repair business and get the majority of clicks from the keyword computer repairs - see below.  It would be of great benefit if I could reduce the cost of this click.  We are using adwords extensions which include the address so that is probably reducing ctr but that is unavoidable, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as the cost is really impacting on our business.  Campaign been running about 8 months.

Many thanks



computer repairs   Affordable Suburbs    brisbane computer repairs    Eligible $4.50  66 $2.97 0.97% 4.4 8/10 Broad 2.09 29.92%
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Re: How can I reduce cpc of most popular keyword, please help....

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Good afternoon.


Reducing the cost of popular and highly competitive keywords can be a challenge. I would personally start by trying to improve the keyword's quality score--the higher the quality score, the lower the average CPC. Improving quality score can take time but the cost savings are definitely worth it.


Test different ad messaging to find the wording that appeals to the searchers--the higher the CTR (click-through rate), the higher the system perceives the "quality" of the relationship between the ad and the keyword to be--that's the most direct path to improving quality score.


Also, don't neglect your negative keyword list. Monitor your search queries for this keyword and make sure you're diligent and prompt about adding, as negatives, any search phrases you see that are not directly appropriate to the service you're offering. (For instance, you probably don't want DIY or do it yourself searches to trigger your ads.)


Use the Status column in the AdWords interface to monitor the keyword (hover your cursor over the little speech bubble icon) and make certain the system isn't seeing any problems with it.


And make the best of the clicks you get. Review the landing page you're using for clicks on ads associated with this keyword. Can you change the text or the graphics to make the page more appealing? Can you make submitting a service request or contacting a technician simpler? Is the page clear about the service(s) being offered? Do you need to add or change or remove any cost estimates you're offering up front?


Really, improving quality score (and lowering avg CPC) is what many advertisers are trying to accomplish. Just keep working on your entire campaign (and your website), making incremental improvements as often as you can identify them. 


My $0.02. I hope it helps!

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