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How can I be sure my adds will show up among the top 3?

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Re: How can I be sure my adds will show up among the top 3?

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Hi Amanda

There really is no guarentee I am afraid is really the short answer.

Googles official guideline is :

An ad's position on the page is based on your Ad Rank (a combination of your bid, the quality of your ad and landing page and the expected impact of extensions and other ad formats). To be eligible for a top spots, your Ad Rank needs to meet a minimum threshold. The minimum Ad Rank required to appear above search results is generally greater than the minimum Ad Rank to appear beside search results. As a result, the cost-per-click (CPC) when you appear above search results could be higher than the CPC if you appear beside search results, even if no other advertisers are immediately below you. Although you may pay more per click, top ads usually have higher click-through rates and give you access to certain ad extensions (like sitelinks) and other features available only in top ad positions. As always, you’re never charged more than your max. CPC bid.

That said, you can certainly put everything in your favour to achieve top ranking positions. However, it may be recommended to focus on what ROI you want to achieve and adjusting the average ad position accordingly to reflect this.

This potentially is a huge topic for your question, but I hope this small insight helps a little.

All the best

James Edward

Re: How can I be sure my adds will show up among the top 3?

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The main factor here is your bid. Generally, if you bid higher, your position will go higher.

That being said as James mentioned it also depends on the quality of your campaign structure, the competition, your quality score, your historical CTR and many more things...

Re: How can I be sure my adds will show up among the top 3?

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As both James and Shanee mentioned the are factors that contribute to your Ad Rank and Ad position, and your Bid is a vital condition to remain there.

But if we look at your question as I always want to be in the top 3, then automation bids and rules or adwords scripts may be something you want to look into if you have the Budget to play the game with your competition. Here is some additional information on those subjects:


Raise bids to the Top Of Page Bid


You can Create rule: Increase keyword bids to top of page CPC

You can use an automated rule with top of page bid estimates to raise the bids of your keywords to the recommended top of page bid, and run this rule on a daily basis. Note: Be sure to specify a maximum bid. In addition, you might want to only raise bids for keywords that have a good Quality Score (e.g., Quality Score >= 6), to avoid paying more for keywords that need to be optimized. To create this rule:

  1. Click All online campaigns in the left panel of your AdWords account.
  2. Click the Keywords tab.
  3. Click the Automate button, and select "Raise bids to top of page CPC when..." from the drop-down.
  4. In the "Apply to" section, choose All but removed keywords in all campaigns
  5. In the Requirements section, choose Quality score >=6.
  6. Set the frequency to Daily using data from Previous day.
  7. Name and save your rule.


Common ways to use automated rules


Setting up automated rules

Using automatic bidding

Using scripts to make automated changes

If not, then as the others have stated, work on Quality scores and all the other optimization factors to improve your Ad rank and work on your bid factors to determine the best ROAS
( Return on Ad Spend)

Re: How can I be sure my adds will show up among the top 3?

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Hi Amanda,

James, Shanee, and Eric are all correct in their responses. The best thing to do is set your CPC at what you are willing to pay and let the account run to see where your average position shakes out.

A couple things that you might want to consider:
- Some keywords will inevitably be really expensive. For those, it might not be profitable to be in positions 1-3. That's completely normal, so don't fret.
- Some keywords won't perform at their best in positions 1-3, so once you have some data you should pull a top vs. side report and see how performance looks.

That said, if you are targeting mobile just note that there are only 2 spots. You'll want to make sure your mobile ads are showing in prime positions as much as possible but you can use mobile bid modifiers as opposed to increasing the base CPC. Likewise, you can implement bid modifiers for certain locations if there are certain areas that are more important to you than others. You can also adjust the time of day that your ads show.

All of these factors could help you be most competitive where it matters most to your business, without having inflated bids in all locations at all times.

Hope this helps!