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How can I add "location extension" from "ad extension" tab

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I manage 2 different web site on my ad words account.

When I tried to add "location extension" to one campaign, it is add to all campaign!


My "location extension" is the Google+ business adresse. Is it possible to only add this location to a specific campaign?


I have notice when I try to add the location, Adwords option is:


"Add account location extension"



I think adwords will add the location to the account level and apply this location to every campaign in this account.


Any solution?

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Re: How can I add "location extension" from "ad extensi

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Hi Jean,
Yes, this can be frustrating, but the good news is that there is a work-a-round -

You can get around this by setting up a filter. How to set the filter will vary depending on if your Account is Legacy, or Upgraded.

By adding the filter, you should be able to use Location Extensions for both Campaigns, should you choose (by setting up a filter for each Campaign and having the correct Location associated with it).