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How can I Start ads for e-commerce Site

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How can I Start ads for e-commerce Site

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Re: How can I Start ads for e-commerce Site

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Hi Partha,

If you want to run ads for conversion, you can go for Google Shopping Ads & dynamic remarketing ads in display. Also Dynamic search ads can also help here.


Re: How can I Start ads for e-commerce Site

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Hi Partha


The first step is to really figure out your target audience, where you would like to be found and who you wish to reach and when. 


Then, decide a budget and how much you are willing to pay out in terms of advertising and your costs in order to return a profitable ROI. 


Once you have all this, decide your ad format, different networks have different bidding structures in place and target different areas of results and web locations so take a look at these also.


What campaign is right for you -


If you want to go down the Shopping route, then you are required to submit a datafeed containing all your products (or subsection you wish to advertise)


Read more on each step here 

Create a Google Merchant Center account -

Create a datafeed -

Submit a datafeed using defined attributes following specifications and policies-

Upload your DataFeed -

Create an adwords account -

Create a Shopping Campaign -


Read all policy and documentation regarding Google Adwords and Google Merchant Center


Alternatively, if you wish to list an alternative ad, such as text, video, image etc.. Then you can take a look at these pages for reference, then ask any follow up questions you may have regarding this here.


Text ad -

Video ad -

Image ad -


Tom Wilson
Freelance Adwords & Google Shopping Consultant

If you find this or another response helpful within the forum "please accept as solution" to further assist and direct others.


Re: How can I Start ads for e-commerce Site

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It's a very generic question but the answer is definitely not one liner Smiley Happy


To follow with Tom's excellent reply above, it all depends upon your marketing objectives what you really want to accomplish when you talk about running ads on Google AdWords.


You can get started ASAP, but before that you should have a clear vision of all minute things and a Plan of what all you want to achieve like budget, target audiences, aim is more sales and does it include Branding too, etc...


I would suggest you to first go through the basics like how you should structure your AdWords account :


How can you create your ad campaign:


and so on and so forth...


Best of Luck and Happy Reading!