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How To Meet Your Business Goals Using Google AdWords

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You and Tom are Psyched to Get Started with Google AdWords


“Every day, there is more and more to manage and get right and learn.” ~Atul Gawande, MD


Every business has a goal. That goal in some way, shape or form includes making money. In the era of the Information Age, your attention is being pulled in many different directions. This includes your AdWords Marketing and Advertising.  As an advertiser, you want to know what information you need to know quickly to create awareness, drive sales, and make money.

Meet Tom.  


Tom owns a hip pizza parlor near Columbia University in New York, New York. Tom is well aware that he should be using Google AdWords but is bogged down with daily operations. He doesn’t have much time to learn all aspects of the Google AdWords platform but wants to advertise to increase foot traffic in his store. He knows that he will need to invest some capital in order to get a good Return On Investment (ROI).


So what is the first thing that Tom should do to get started on the right foot? Tom (and you) should create a goal.

 Create the Right Goals the Right Way Quickly and Easily


In order to use this series effectively, you and Tom need to select a business goal.

Common business goals are:


  • Generate Effective Leads

  • Generate Brand Awareness

  • Driving Sales

  • Driving Phone Traffic

  • Driving Foot Traffic

  • Increasing Video Exposure


Formula for the perfect goal


*Who:      Who is involved?

*What:     What do I want to accomplish?

*Where:   Identify a location.

*When:    Establish a time frame.

*Which:    Identify requirements and constraints.

*Why:      Specific reason, purpose, or benefit of accomplishing the goal.


Or Set up Smart Goals




-Results Focused

-Time Bound


The Formula: (Who) want to (action) (business goal) at (location) by (date) - (constraints).

Tom’s Goal: I want to increase foot traffic by 20% (increase of 25 visitors per day) at the Pizza Parlor in 3 months using a $500 a month budget. I believe that our product, cool atmosphere and our customer service will convert the foot traffic into additional sales.


Sally’s Ecommerce Goal: I want to increase online sales to 5 per week on by Janurary 31, 2014 using a $300 a month budget. I believe that our user-friendly website and our custom products drive our sales.


Bill’s Service Lead’s Goal: I want to increase phone calls to our cleaning sales team to 50 per month at Bill’s Carpet Cleaning and Installation in 60 days using a $1,000 a month budget. I believe that our sales team and product will provide the best price and turn-around time to convert into sales.


Natasha’s ABC Non-Profit Goal: My marketing manager and I want to generate brand awareness by increasing impressions by 10% per day using our $400 a month budget. We believe that increased awareness will drive and emotional charge to our cause and positively increase donations.


Once you have created your goal, create your campaign in AdWords. A rule of thumb is 1 goal per campaign. If you have multiple goals, you most likely should create multiple campaigns. This will help you later in the process.  

Plan and research to achieve your goal

So Tom has created his goal, now what? Tom’s next step should be to research and plan. What are the basic elements that Tom needs to know and research to make his ad creation process easy and ultimately profitable? Let’s create a Target Audience Profile.


Create your Target Audience Profile.


If you have been in business for a while you may already have an idea of your target audience. For our purposes, we want to “target a certain group of people or demographic”. This will make creating our campaigns much easier and more effective.





Service Lead

Create Awareness


Pizza Parlor

Wedding Shoes

Carpet installations

ABC Non Profit







New York, NY

Los Angeles, CA

Savannah, GA

Nashville, TN


Male and Female




Income Level





Education Level

In College

College Grad

College Grad

Some College

Marital or Family Status

In College (attending Columbia University)


Married, 1 child

Married, 3 children


Full time Student/ Part time worker


Associate Lawyer



Likes to be social

Fun, Bubbly

Serious but Family man

Warm, charming, Get Mom


Needs a cool atmosphere to hang out on Friday nights

Needs to be ahead of friends

New homeowner, needs to settle in the family

Wants her children to be safe and happy


Work Hard. Play Hard.


Family happiness



Visiting Cool Local spots

Surfing Bridal websites


Participating in activities for moms


Wants to relax with friends, have a drink, eat great food

Wants wedding to be best day ever

Wants it done quickly and easily

Hates to hear that children are unsafe and will donate to a cause that protects children


Use this information about your target audience to figure out how to accomplish your goal for your campaign. Begin thinking about where your audience hangs out online. What other items could be related to your product? What are some blogs that talk about your topic? These questions will help you set up your entire campaign.

Now Tom knows:

  • What goal he wants achieve

  • The group of people that he would need to target

  • What places they are already visiting online

In our next installment you will meet Sally. You and Sally will learn,

5 Things You Need To Get Started with your AdWords Campaign

  • Keywords

  • Writing your Ad

  • Landing page

  • Organization of ad groups

  • Setting a budget


Community Support:

Are you stumped on your goal? Would you like to get some inspiration on how to improve your goal? Post your questions, comments and feedback in the comments section. 


Additional Resources:

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Thanks for this, Shanea!

Re: How To Meet Your Business Goals Using Google AdWords

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Nice Post Shanea!
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Well explained .... Awesome post... Thanks sheena...

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Good post, Shanea!  


I think this is the kind of "hands-on" example that a lot of local buinesses will find useful!

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Well said Shanea,
I read an article at about the top PPC companies, what are your thoughts on outsourcing your campaigns as opposed to managing them yourself?

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Joseph I think that if new users want to cut the learning curve then they should definitely consult an expert. Many of our Top Contibutors in this community are Certified Partners with Google and provide amazing advice and expertise. If you enlist agency help I would definitely make sure they are a Certified Partner with Google. 

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Your absolutely right. After looking into the top companies on the ppc company guide website, I found that most of them have certified partners inhouse.

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i want to become certified partner, can you advice me please?? i am beginner for this,