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How To Help A Client Contact Accept Account Access

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A new client contact asked for read-only access. I sent him the invitation and that's where progress ended. Does any one have a step by step explanation I can send to him to help him properly accept the invitation so I can grant him access?

Re: How To Help A Client Contact Accept Account Access

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Ashley - Maybe the invitation email is being blocked by their spam filter or its in the junk folder.
However, here are the steps.
1) Log into MCC
2) Go to My Account -> Account Access
3) Click "+Invite Others"
4) Enter the users email address and Name (Optional)
5) From the Access Level dropdown-> Select Read Only Access
6) Click Send Invitation button.

Once the user accepts the invitation, you should go back to My Account -> Account Access and you will see "Grant Access" next to the user you have sent invitation to. Click on Grant Access and its done.


Re: How To Help A Client Contact Accept Account Access

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Hi Mehdi,

I appreciate the response but I'm not having trouble sending the invitation. My client contact is having trouble figuring out how to accept the invitation. He's received the e-mail in his inbox.

Re: How To Help A Client Contact Accept Account Access

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Hi Ashley,
The email is self explanatory, he just need to click the link which he received.
Below is the format of email he will receive and he needs to click the link under "To Accept you invitation Visit"

=====================start of adwords email format===

Hello, has invited you to share an AdWords account (Customer ID xxx-xxx-xxxx) using your own email address and password.

To accept this invitation, visit the link below. You'll then create a Google Account or choose an existing one to sign in to AdWords in the future. A Google Account is made up of a single email address and password, and gives you a simple and secure way to access your other Google services.

Note that if you already have a username and password for another AdWords account (even a canceled account), you'll need to use a different email address specifically for this account.

Once you complete the process, will be able to confirm your acceptance and grant you access to the AdWords account. This invitation expires on Jul 9, 2013.

To accept your invitation, visit

If you have received this invitation in error, visit

If you're unable to click one of the links above, copy and paste the URL into a new browser window instead.

For more information, please visit our frequently asked questions:

The Google AdWords Team