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How TO analyze my campaign

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 I am Running 4 campaign for my projects,


Most of main keywords in first place. but no LEADS ?


How to start my analyze


i am going through every ad group most has more impression less clicks


Quality score also low for certain keywords.


How to improve my campaign to get more leads. 

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Re: How TO analyze my campaign

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Hi Digital M,

So, if I am understanding correctly many of your keywords are on the first place?
It is normal that you have not as many clicks as impressions, also when you are on position 1 What is your average CTR?

First of all, I would execute a test booking, to test if your conversions tracking is working.

Second of all, I would check why the keywords have a bad Quality Score, is it the expected click rate or the ad relevance or is the Landing Page experience bad? You can find this out by checking the little speech bubble next to the adwords status.

How can you improve the Quality Score?
- Make sure to put the keywords in you ad. So if you have a bakery and you booked the keywords brownies, or make sure to write this word in your ad.
- Make sure your ad groups are good organized, so you can organize the keywords better and therefore, write ads that are relevant for the keywords.
- Make sure your Landing page is relevant. So if people click on an ad about brownies, but they land of a page about normal bread, they might be disappointed and leave your page.

- You can execute a Search Query Report:
- Then you can see what exactly people search for. If you think, this is something else than my business is about, I don't want my ad to be shown when they look for these things, then you should add this keyword as negative to your ad group:

Please, let me know if you have more questions.



Re: How TO analyze my campaign

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Rising Star

Hi there,

I'd look at things in the following order:

First look at impressions: Good number of impressions? If not, work on the keywords to broaden your reach or add more relevant keywords. If number of impressions in good, I'd look at the avg. position. If it is not that good, you'll have to work on increasing ad rank, which is a product of quality score and bid. Initially, a good quality score can be achieved by creating themed campaigns and ad groups that have relevant ads and  keywords, leading to a relevant landing page. More info about quality score here. If quality score is decent or pretty good, you'll have to check the bids to show your ads in a good position. If ads are shown in good position and to relevant users, chances of a click are more. If clicks aren't that good, I'd say work on the ad text. May be it isn't so interesting for users to click. Ad text best practices here.

If all of these are good but conversions are less, I'd look at the landing page and how relevant it is. Is it in line with your campaign's objectives? Does it have a clear call to action, as to what you expect from a user after reaching your page? How much does a user have to navigate, to complete a conversion? The less, the better!

Let me know if all these are in place and you still aren't getting a decent number of conversions.


Sumanth Sridhar

Re: How TO analyze my campaign

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more impression less clicks - This usually happens if your ad copy is not good, no matter if you appear in first place or second place, users won't click if the ad copy is not great. Will suggest you to check ad copy and if you can use, then use ad extensions correctly to entice users to click on your ad more.

Low Quality Score - Is your keyword, ad copy, landing pages all taking about the same thing, if not then please get it ASAP else you would end up paying more to Google. (

How to start my analyze and How to improve my campaign to get more leads?

Start with all the below basic points.

1> Keywords and ad-group - is your keywords are tightly kept in similar ad group? If not then please get it done. Keep stuff together that belongs together(

2> Please used Broad Match Modifier, it will give you more control.

3> Quality Score - Optimize your Quality Score ASAP.

Re: How TO analyze my campaign

Community Manager
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Community Manager
Hi Digital M,
All of the advice by Fenna, Sumanth and Suprabhat are great!
Come back to us with more specific questions after you've completed these things!