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Help with keywords

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I'm new on AdWords. I'm the owner of a small Italian startup company that sells a new brand of high quality dress shirts.

We want to start advertising our products in USA and UK but since I'm not native English speaker it is really difficult for me to find the right keywords.
Furthermore our dress shirts are premium shirts with a price around 160$ so what I really want to avoid is get people looking for cheap shirts clicking on our ads wasting our budget.

Any keywords suggestions would be really appreciated!
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Re: Help with keywords

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Hi Andrea,


1. Regarding language, I would suggest you to fetch some one who is a native English speaker and knows the culture of the targeted countries very well. He/ or she could help you with keywords, ad copies and the website. There are some excellent UK-based or US-based proof-reading services online that can provide you with the service you need at very reasonable prices. 


2. If you use the word *premium* in your ad copies people will understand it and not eat up your advertising budget without legitimate interest. (You may also try *prices $150+*.)






Re: Help with keywords

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Hello Andrea ! Welcome to the Community !


You can use the Keyword planner to chose a country or city and insert a keyword to receive other suggestions for popular searches. You can also use the keyword traffic tool for that.


How to use Traffic Estimator


The best way to avoid unwanted traffic is to start by using keyword matching with exact matching and phrase matching. Learn more about matching here . Do not use plain words like in the normal language because those are "simple broad match" and can match too many "search terms" including synonims :


Also a good practice is to use negative keywords like in your case "cheap" because you don't want your ad to appear for such search terms including "cheap" :


Use negative keywords to refine your traffic


It is wise to also study the concept of "conversion" because you will spend money for 100 visitors and maybe get 2 to 5 purchases for these 100 visits. For every click you will pay an amount , let's say 1 $ , and this means that you will be spending 100 $ in clicks to get only a few customers. In the begining you can't have high expectations from the advertising campaign especially if you have a low budget.


It is best if you setup the conversion tracking in adwords to find out how profitable it is , using this documentation :


You can write here in italian what categories of dresses or shirts you have in your store an I will use the google translator to help you pick some english keywords .


You can use this shortcut url service to put a short link to your website without advertising it :


Here is what the keyword planner has for the "broad match" = dress shirts





If you click on the "Pencil" button you can change the keyword matching and get estimates for phrase matching like this :



Re: Help with keywords

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Thank you for your answers! What do you think of using competitors brands that sell products very similars to mine also as keywords, could it be a good or a bad idea?

Re: Help with keywords

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I would not use competing brands as keywords. First off, even though it is not forbidden it cannot be regarded as a polite practice in relation to your competitors. Second, users in the UK and the US tend to adhere to brands. Practically this option would bring you clicks that convert into purchases at a very low rate if any.