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Help with MCC - Linked wrong account

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When linking an account to my MCC, I created a new account for a customer that already had an existing AdWords account. I used the create an account button in my MCC. Is there any way to transfer the campaigns from the bad account to the correct, existing AdWords account? Or can I change the client account number on the account? UGH!

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September 2015

Re: Help with MCC - Linked wrong account

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Hi Damon, 


Welcome to the AdWords Community and thanks for posting your first question here. We are happy to help you. 


First, does the new account you created show an admin email address? This is very important. If not, then you need to invite an email address as an admin ---> Accept the invitation ----> Unlink the account from the MCC. 


Unlinking steps: 


  1. Sign in to your MCC at
  2. Select the managed account you'd like to unlink.
  3. Click "Arrange accounts."
  4. Click "Unlink account(s)."

Let us know if you run into any issues,





Re: Help with MCC - Linked wrong account

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Thanks for the reply. My client has a gmail account. I don't believe they have an Adwords account. Should I have them create one and then link that to my MCC? Is there a way to transfer the ads I already created for them to their account once linked? Also, how do I tell if the account I created has an admin email address?

Re: Help with MCC - Linked wrong account

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Good afternoon.


1. If your client already has a Gmail account, they may want the AdWords account created using that same set of login information, so they can view all of their Google product information without logging in and out of different accounts.


2. If the client doesn't already have an AdWords account (it's difficult to be sure--you say different things in different posts?) and you created an unassigned account in the MCC, it's easy enough to go in to the new, unassigned AdWords account, go to the Account Access tab (using the little "gear" icon in the top, right-hand corner of the screen) and send an invitation to the client's Gmail address. 


3. If there is an Admin/ownership email associated with an AdWords account, you should be able to see that from either the Account Access tab or from your main MCC screen.

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