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Help me understand how adword bidding works

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So I am about to launch my android game. And I decided to use an ad campaign to bring downloads for my game. On the adwords new campaign -> campaign settings page, google asks how much money I am willing to spend per install of my app. Here is my confusion. If I select 50 INR (around 0.8 $) per install, I will get better downloads from my targeted android users. But what if I use just 1 INR per install, would my campaign won't generate any downloads at all? or I am bound to get downloads since google is using my campaign per download. Since my app is a game, do I really need to spend much money per download? Thanks

Re: Help me understand how adword bidding works

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Hey Shrimasis,

When AdWords asks for targets like this (Cost per Install, Cost per Acquisition) it doesn't actually mean that's what you'll pay for install - it's more like that's what they'll use to automate your pay-per-click bids.

In order for AdWords to optimise your bids and targeting for a target Cost per Install, you need to have a lot of installs recorded on AdWords for the last 15-30 days so it's learned what kind of users are downloading and installing your app.

These two articles from Google may help you better understand what your target should be.

Estimate the value of an app download

About mobile app installs campaigns

Personally to begin with I would choose a high CPI/CPA target so you have a better chance of getting installs. Once you start getting actual tracked installs, you can begin reducing this until you're at a comfortable level.

I hope this helps!


Re: Help me understand how adword bidding works

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Hi Srimasis,

Have you tried Universal App Campaigns. They are at the bottom when you click on "Create New Campaign". Here, You just need to create Ads with simple four lines without any adgoups.

The cost will be less when compared to Install App Campaigns.

When you create the text of four lines, Automatically you will see the Ads created for all the platforms (Search Network, Display Network, Play Store and YouTube) at one go.

For Youtube, you need to create a small video or if you have already uploaded a video about your game, just give the link there.

Best Wishes

- Syed Nouman

Re: Help me understand how adword bidding works

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Hi @Shrimasis R,


I think you should try for Universal Ad Campaign, Its completely based on Cost Per Acquisition which is CPA structure. You will assign a specific amount or adwords suggest a specific amount you are willing to pay.

Where your ads can appear

You ads will be eligible to appear across Google's properties. This includes Google Search and Google Play, as well as our search partners, the Google Display Network, and many more publishers who host app ads. Here are some of the places where your ads can appear:

Google Search Network

  • Google Play
  • Google Search
  • Google Search Partner

So you've got an Android app (or a bunch of apps) that you're ready to launch, and you can't wait to get them into the hands of your users. How do you connect the magic to the people who want it most? For Android apps, universal app campaigns streamline the whole business — just add a few lines of text, a bid, (and your billing info) and the rest is optimized to help your users find you.



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