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Help Me Understand Ad Group Match Type Wise

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Hello Folks,


I am trying to understand one thing. Adwords says that only one keyword, in a set of keywords in an ad group,  would trigger an ad.


1)- Many people suggest that we should create ad groups/campaigns on the basis of match type. Why so?


2)- I have created 3 ad groups-  Exact Match keyword, Phrase Match  and BMM Match


I mean 3 ad groups:

KWs  [maths teacher in Sydney]

     [math teacher in Sydney]

     [best math teacher in Sydney]


 Phrase Ad Group- KWs 

   "maths teacher in Sydney"

   "maths teacher in Sydney"


BMM Ad Group-KWs 

   +maths +teacher in +Sydney   

   +math +teacher in +Sydney


Now, I have used exact match keywords for negative keywords in Phrase match ad group (ad group level wise) and vice versa.


Here, I see "Keywords are conflicting and not showing ads" like message. Why is it so?

3)- Also, what should be the -ve keywords should be like for BMM ad group?






Help Me Understand Ad Group Match Type Wise

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Match types can get a little difficult to explain through a message but I will try my best -


1. You can ALSO create ad groups/campaigns based on match types for better tracking but I make campaigns based on a particular service/product and then have ad groups in it based on different match types.


2. Exact match keywords -

[maths teacher in Sydney]

[math teacher in Sydney]

These two are same as - Singular, plural, mis-spelling is taken care of by Adwords itself and these are known as 'closed variation'.

So out of the two you can just include - [maths teacher in Sydney]

Similarly, in phrase match as well.

Broad match also includes these closed variations and it also includes synonyms.

To avoid conflict you can assign a different bid value to each match type, keep the highest for Exact, then phrase and then broad.


3. About negative keywords - identify words against which you wouldn't want to trigger your ad and then add those at the campaign level or ad group level.