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Having problem with Product ads

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Hello Community,


I have a question regarding the Product ads.

I am having a Google Base account, the products are added via third paty tool on daily basis and I am running ads for all the products.

But I know that some of the products are pretty cheap as per the competition and I am likely to get more conversions If i use them in my product ads campaign.

As the data feeds are created on daily basis, I can't add the adwords_label, Adwords_grouping in the fields.


So for the set of products which needs to be targeted, I created a new DataFeed in my Google Base acount with just 40 Products. These products are now live in my Merchant Center. But my problem is that, I am unable to select the data feed in the Auto Target tab of Adwords.


I have added the Adwords_Label and Adwords_Grouping in my datafeed, But when I edit the Auto Targets in my adwords and select the adwords_label for targeting, in the text field I just copy pasted the Label I have in my sheet. But when I click validate, it doesn't show any validation and gives error that it doesn't match any products in the Google Base.


How should I do my Products ads? I need to get them running in next 12 hrs as they are really important for my client.


Please send me your views and suggestions for this problem.


Thanks in advance


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Re: Having problem with Product ads

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Hi Daman,


You said, "As the data feeds are created on daily basis, I can't add the adwords_label, Adwords_grouping in the fields." Mind if I ask why not? That would be the best way to accomplish your goal.


Are the products in a different category? Can you create a category for them? That would be another way to go, although I have had real trouble with matching categories.


Oh, have the products in your "new" feed been approved for ads?


Best of Luck!





petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Having problem with Product ads

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Hello Pete,


I am using the third party tool to create it on daily basis. I will surely check if I am having the option for this. But for this also, I have selected set to show on ads. I am not sure, if I have to add it manually for those products and they will stay when the feed is generated next day.


How to check if the new products are approved for ads?

I am getting this:

"Uploaded on Feb 20, 2013 6:12 am PST 
40 of 40 items inserted - Processed on Feb 20, 2013 6:12 am PST 
Destinations: Product Ads, Product Search, Search API for Shopping, Shopping


So it says in Destinations about the Product Ads. Am I looking it in a right way?


I am in serious trouble, Don't know how to fix this Smiley Sad

Please update me soon.