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Having more than 2 ads per ad group - good practice?

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To start off, I'm very new to AdWord and Analytics and am Googling my way througn this. I recently inherited an AdWord account and found that we have 6-8 ads running at the same time for some ad groups. Based on everything I've read from this community and Google's support, the recommendation is to run two ads, keep the higher performing ad, and replace the lower performing ad with a new. Test and repeat this process. 


My question is, when you have 7-8 ads running with similar performance, should I keep all of them or should I try to clean up the ads so that we only have 2 ads running at a time? 


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Having more than 2 ads per ad group - good practice?

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Hi Mylinh V,

You need to analyse the historical data first considering, % served, CTR, CR, average position and more. Then use 2-3 ads per adgroup(with a set of 10-15 keywords).
For larger set of keywords, better to bifurcate the adgroup again(theme basis), it will help to improve QS.

Test All 3 for some days, then pause the lowest performing and replace it with a new one. Hence, keep testing until you get satisfied in terms of ROI.
If you have optimised your campaigns to a great level with highly targeted Keyword & match types, bids, negative keyword list and a lot more and your ads are already having good CTR, then try testing the landing page also to work with conversions.

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Re: Having more than 2 ads per ad group - good practice?

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Hello, Mylinh.

The issue with having more than 2 ads is that you'll need a lot more time and impressions to find the winner(s). If you have a lot of impressions then yes, you may try with more than 2. But the more variations you add, the longer it will take to find the winner.
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