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HOW TO: Add Mobile Apps as Managed Placements

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Adding Mobile Apps as Managed Placements


I noticed that there is a flaw in the setting up process for targeting mobile apps as a managed placement, and I want to share with the Adwords community what I was challenged with and how I found my way around using the Display Planner.


The Issue

On campaign creation, I placed my settings to target only the display network and to just Mobile Apps, I then go on to create my first Adgroup.


Adgroup Setup:

1) Adgroup Name

2) Add Bid

3) Choose Mobile app categories or Search All Apps


I choose to Search All Apps, as I want to see what the names of the Apps I will be targeting (similar to managed placements). I then type a keyword "games" and a list appears with mostly apps from the iTunes Store and not many apps from Google Play. This has now become frustrating. I decide to enter into the Google Play store and find a game that I want Adwords to find relevant too. I then copy the URL of the game and paste it into the search box of the Search All Apps tool. The results was better but with a limited amount. I then noticed a link below the list Add multiple placements at once, which means I can manually input mobile app placements, but where are these strange codes and placements?


INTRODUCING: Mobileapp::


So this is the code, but where do I get the mobile app placements to place after this? I asked a Google phone rep, but they said these lists are not handed out and that I should just stick with the catergory targeting. What she failed to mentioned was that there was another option, Google Display Planner. (The Newest Tool from Google Adwords).


I went into the tool and did the following:


1) Entered keyword into search query and clicked Get ideas


2) Choose the tab Individual targeting ideas



3) Select Sub-tab Placements and Mobile Apps


4) Go to left side "Filter" and click on pencil to edit


5) Look Below to the section Mobile app placement ideas and choose OS "android"


6) Witness Ingeniousness


7) Now select from the list the mobile apps that you want to advertise on by clicking the right arrow to the right of the cell that the app description is in.


8) Once you have built your "Plan" list, click on the download symbol to export the list into a .csv file.

9) Open the file in Excel and look for the column that reads Mobile Application, this is the whole list of mobile apps in "Google code" that you need to copy and paste into that area I mentioned in the Adgroup setup: Search All Apps then click the blue link Add multiple placements at once. 





I hope this helped you out, please **SHARE** this article with your friends and fellow PPC managers!

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Re: HOW TO: Add Mobile Apps as Managed Placements

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Some great tips. Thanks for sharing Josh!

Re: HOW TO: Add Mobile Apps as Managed Placements

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Great. Thanks! Works for me. Very clever.