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HELP! What is your review policy (and other related questions)?

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Can someone give me the answers for these questions asap.  Thanks!


To Whom It May Concern:


First, our business in Calgary, Ablerta, Canada, - Cut Rite Meats - has had complaints about google from our customers related to when they have tried to post positive reviews regarding our business but they then do not appear publically.  We have a specific example of one post which appears in the customer’s google acct page and when you go to the public site it is nowhere to be found.  Can you help rectify this or explain why this is happening?  Can we send this example that we have captured in a jpeg to a customer service email? If so please send us the email address asap.


Second, we have a perfect 5 for our Facebook review rating:


But in your Google Cut Rite Meats business page you are reporting the Facebook rating as 4.6, could you please rectify this immediately as this is incorrect and inaccurate information.,1,


Third, what is the policy regarding old reviews?  When do old reviews drop off?  We have some reviews that are no longer relevant that were posted so long ago.  Could you please explain your policy in this regard and if it is possible to have you remove reviews that are 2 years old?


Finally, Cut Rite Meats is interested in advertising on a regular basis.  Could someone from your advertising department please call us so we can learn your advertising options.  We would like to review options and learn about strategies for boosting traffic supported by regular advertising.



Janet Krayden acting for Cut Rite Meats


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HELP! What is your review policy (and other related questions)?

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Hi @David K,


Google reviews are a bit more complex and not something anyone can simply adjust. Even with 5 perfect stars, you would most-likely not see a 5 in Google reviews. This is because they use a different metric for calculating the review score, which is comprised on a number of different factors, along with the reviews posted on Google reviews. Old reviews on Google Reviews will lower in time, but they will not be removed entirely unless the original poster edits or removes it. 


Google does not allow manipulation of reviews in any way and will not accept emails to alter/adjust them. There is a flagging system on each review, and that is the only recourse any of us have. 


As for advertising, you have two different platforms with Google. Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express (AE).


AE is the little sibling to AdWords and is limited in features but is mostly automated and operated by you and Google support. You can use a G+ page or a website to promote.


Google AdWords is much more robust and complex... but is something you can do yourself or hire a professional to operate it for (or with) you. It requires a website (will not work with G+). Generally, a agency or professional will charge you 10-20% of your spend amount with AdWords. So, if you have a $1000 per month budget, you would expect to pay roughly $200 for a professional to fully operate it. Some may require a small setup fee, too.


Google AdWords

Google AdWords Express


You can compare AdWords to Adwords Express here. 


And you can learn more about AdWords here


If you are interested in finding a members of Google Partners, which are AdWords professionals (I am one), you can use this to search from those in your local neighborhood... or hire one anywhere in the world.   


Please let us know if we can with anything further.


Kind Regards,




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