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Got charged a CPC which is much higher than Est First Page Bid Amount

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I used automatic CPC bidding for my ads. The max bid amount is set to $0.75.


The estimated Est First Page Bid Amount is $0.12.


There were 6 impressions and 1 click at a cost of $0.74. My quality score is 7/10 and my avg. pos. is 2.0.


Why was I charged $0.74 for the click when it will only cost $0.12 to be on First Page?

Re: Got charged a CPC which is much higher than Est First Page Bid Amo

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Hi Tim,

The Est First Page bid amount gives an estimate of the CPC in the first page in Google. So 0.12 is the minimum you need to be in the first page. But this position can be a low position (such as position 7).

Your average position and your max bid amount suggest that you are bidding to get the top positions (1,2 and 3). Bids in these positions are normally higher than the ones you need to be just in the first page of Google. You can add a column in Adwords for "Est top page bids" (in Keywords tab, go to columns > modify > attributes) so you can see the difference between est First Page bid and Est top page bid.

If you just want to appear on the first page and your goals in not the top positions, I will suggest you to reduce your max bid amount. However, keep in mind that top positions can bring bigger number of clicks.