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Google's new knowledge graph

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The Knowledge Graph released on us by Google seems to take up the right top ad space. Are any other advertisers concerned about the deployment of this new format? I'm paying a lot for AdWords and I think Google should have notified advertisers that search results pages were changing.


Any thoughts?



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Re: Google's new knowledge graph

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Hey Vigilant,


I think that's a good question - and I think I've found a good answer to you from an official Googler:


"...What’s not being spoken about enough is Knowledge Graph’s home on Google’s search real estate — it’s taking up the side positions that are normally reserved for its Adwords ads. Amit Singhal, Google’s Search Quality Head, reckons that if there are ads along with a knowledge panel for any search, the ads will still display. That’s a given – Google’s not just going to cut out its main revenue stream just to better the search experience..." Source: Memeburn





Re: Google's new knowledge graph

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Well although you can't blame Google for not telling (It was stated in the official Google blog), I also would like to have read it in the Inside-Adwords Blog, which I do read more frequently.


I am not very concerned though, because this new SERP format will just bring changes on how to bid on adwords. Wasn't the first time and it will not be the last.


As I see it multiple scenarios are possible, here are just a few:


1. Google will push more ads to the top and bottom of the search results (Will most likely result in higher CTR for adwords gyus)


2. Maybe position 4 (right under the knowledge graph) will be the new position 1 regarding CTR, cause people think the ad right under the knowledge graph is more-trustworthy etc.



Re: Google's new knowledge graph

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Ha, I wish Google would tell us every time they incorporate a new feature.


But don't worry much. Google Shopping started off with just an organic version that did really really well. It then turned into a paid product (in beta), and is now a full-fledged (teenage) animal.


From our data, the top 3 advertisers take 45% of all search clicks based on Google's dozen or so page changes in the past year. They have been testing a format of putting everything below 3rd page ads to the bottom, which is crazy.


Google owns their search result, and have an accountability to no one except their shareholders.


Take it or leave it, I'll take it (and **bleep** and moan)Cat Tongue

Re: Google's new knowledge graph

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Has anyone looked into how to leverage the knowledge graph to better contexualize ads by using references to entities in the graph... going beyond just using keywords?

Re: Google's new knowledge graph

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It would be interesting if anybody had a link for a google search, that shows the knowledge graph along with ads.


The only search where the knowledge graph displays for me is for the official google example for Vincent van Gogh