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Google employees access after termination

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During the initial (60 days?) of a new campaign, Google account managers (or its contractors i suppose) offer to assist with campaign setup, performance recommendations and other relevant actions. But what happens to there account access after the initial 60 days OR more importantly if they leave Google's employment, how does Google act to terminate there access into advertisers accounts?

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Re: Google employees access after termination

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Hi there;

Google does not recommend any optimization activities on the account without your permission. The assistance offered is an advice / a recommendation - you either accept or decline..

Google does routinely check the account to verify compliance of the ads, landing pages and keywords. This is done either automatically or manually (by a human reviewer).

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Google employees access after termination

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Besides what @MosheTLV said, if you are talking about API account access during the dedicated support period, you always have complete control on your account. You can grant or remove accesses any time. 


So, after the said period, when the dedicated support has ended, you can get ahead to terminate their access to your account. 


More on account access management can be found here


About employee leaving the job, Google cares a lot for its advertisers interests and there must be something in place that would make sure that the account access is terminated once someone leaves.


So, there's nothing to worry, you are in good company. But do take care while sharing your account access with a third party, and keep a check proactively on unnecessary accesses. 


Ratan Jha

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