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Google adwords reach??

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When we advertise on advertise on adwords where does our ad show? Is it only on when someon types a specific keyword related to our website or is google adwords  responsible for showing ads on other websites also, say for example 

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Re: Google adwords reach??

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Good morning.


Where your ad is eligible to be shown depends on what networks you selected when you set the campaign up. You will have been prompted to select the Search network (or the Google-only Search option) and/or the Display network.


This page of the AdWords Help Center offers links to the various options--if you read it, you'll have a better understanding.


Hope that helps!


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Re: Google adwords reach??

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Google Adwords has the ability to show textual and banner style ads.
Choose the campaign type that's right for you

Depending upon what you choose and how you set up you campagins, you can choose to be be shown on different venues.

You can choose Google Search Only
- in which you would show a textual ad in the search results based upon a users keyword query.

You could use Google Search ( include search partners)

This would include regular searches as well as sister sites such as AOL Google maps, Youtube and other google sites.

You could choose Google Network Display;

This option would display your textual ads, or Banner ads across millions of websites that have opted into displaying Google Ads from the Adsense Publisher network. You can choose to target ads to be shown based on may different criteria, or you can choose individual sites by using the Placement options. As long as the website in question is displaying Google ads, you can bid and target those website opportunities. Google has the "Ad Planner" to help you locate individual websites that meet your targeting options.

More on Ad planner -

So to answer your question, Google adwords displays your "ads" across many channels, many networks, including Search, Youtube, Gmail and you can pick and choose individual websites in which you would like your site to appear( as long as those sites display google ads:

Re: Google adwords reach??

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in the process of considering an adwords campaign but how does it stack up against facebook ads in terms of daily exposure, reach and targeting?